The Wm. B. Kolender Sheriff’s Museum appreciates your donations, store purchases and memberships! We are a 501c3 charitable organization and receive no funding from public entities to run our Museum. We rely solely on the generosity of people like you to continue our Mission.

Educate: Create an informational atmosphere attractive to visitors of all ages.
Interact: Provide Exhibits sharing the Department’s achievements in an interactive environment.
Inspire: Celebrate the day-to-day work and courageous acts of valor for over 150 years.
Remember: Pay respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in performing their duty.

Wm. B. Kolender Sheriff’s Museum
Old Town, San Diego
Presented by:
The Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association

Open Wednesday - Sunday
Spring & Summer: 11am - 6pm
Fall & Winter: 11am - 5pm
Check Website for Special Events, Holiday & Extended Seasonal Hours

2384 San Diego Avenue
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 260-1850

Owned and Operated by
Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association (HDSA)
The Federal tax ID # is 23-7386902
The State Tax ID is 1961742

The Sheriff's Museum consists of 6800 square feet of exhibit space, covering the entire history of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department from its inception in 1850 through today.

The Museum contains cars, motorcycles, real life jail cells from various eras, and replica Sheriff's offices from the 1850's, 1940's and present.

Children will love the Museum - they can sit on a real life motorcycle and use the siren, pick up a bullet proof vest, play with handcuffs, and sit in a real Sheriff's Car!

Adults will appreciate the rich history of the department reflected throughout the Museum. Ask the docent to take a picture of your entire family - locked in a jail cell!

6 October 2014

To: the Museum Committee and Volunteers, From: Marilee, HDSA Museum Committee Chair

Last night, through the joint efforts of the Museum Committee, Volunteers, our Volunteer Docents, the HDSA Board of Directors, HDSA membership, and the Museum Supporters, we achieved our goals to complete the building fund and provide for our operating expenses for the next calendar year! We will not have a final number in for a few days while we sort through the numbers and call in the expenses, however to know that we have achieved our goals is deeply satisfying and has made all the hard work that everyone has put forth, and the generous donations that have been made by those on the committee and many others, all worth the efforts.

The moving speech by Cesar, who was in the Juvenile Diversion program and worked his community service hours at the museum, really put into perspective one of the big reasons we do this - with effective at education and outreach, you do make a difference in individual lives, and the Museum gives us a wonderful venue to accomplish that goal.

One of the huge reasons that our fundraiser was so successful was its low cost. We were able to do that because of a donated venue (thanks to Pacifica Enterprises), donated auction items (many on the committee and others donated valuable items that brought significant dollars at the auction), discounted and underwritten expenses, and a huge number of dedicated volunteers. From the Explorers who helped set up, the Senior Volunteers who provided security and parking control, to the Volunteers and Docents who help run the whole party, the contribution of these individuals cannot be understated. Every task that was performed by a volunteer was an expense we did not need to incur. Those 'non-expenses' add up to a very low overhead event, ensuring that our commitment to donors is met - that most of their money donated will go to the Museum, and not to the expenses of the party!

Please, forward this email to your teams of volunteers and let them know how grateful we are for the generous contribution of time, effort and commitment to the Museum.

The Museum has an exciting future ahead of us as we move into planning mode for building, program, exhibit, and facility improvements and continue welcoming the public each day, providing them with the uplifting story, told in exhibits and by those who lived it, of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. Thank you!

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